Three-Time Chili Pepper Record Setter Consumers 10 Carolina Reaper Peppers in 33.15 Seconds


Have you ever tried a Carolina Reaper chili pepper before? If you have not done so, you are not missing out on much if you do not like your mouth going ablaze because of their intense spiciness. Maybe you are confident enough to try the pepper and take the heat of the pain as one record-setter did a couple of months ago.

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What are Carolina Reaper Peppers?

Carolina Reaper chilies are the highest on the Scoville Scale. This means that it is the hottest pepper out of all the pepper species worldwide. In their raw form, they are about as small as habanero peppers. Rather than being orange, they are bright red with a thin, green stem. Eating too many of them can cause your mouth to intensely burn or become very numb and even vomiting.

When Foster consumed the 10 Carolina Reapers, he said that it felt like there were hot coals in his mouth even as he was quickly eating them.

The Carolina Reaper chili pepper is an astounding 2.2 million SHU. This abbreviation stands for Scoville Heat Units. The higher the SHUs in a pepper, the hotter it is. The chocolate habanero, Trinidad scorpion, and ghost pepper are other peppers highest up on the Scoville Scale, which means they can cause dangerous side effects if too much is consumed.

Who Broke the Record?

Gregory Foster broke the record for the quickest time frame eating 10 Carolina Reaper chili peppers on September 17, 2022, in a chili pepper eating contest in San Diego, California. Hence, Foster earned the Guinness World record for the fastest time of eating 10 Carolina Reaper chili peppers in a short 33.15 seconds.

Foster has a love for spicy food because he is the owner of a hot sauce company where he grows chili peppers on his farm. The stakes were heightened when a prior winner of a chili-eating contest at one of his hot sauce festivals was also competing in this other contest. His name is Mitch Donnelly, and he teaches biology at Westview High School and coaches the school football team.

How Many Other Records Does Foster Have?

Foster is no stranger to setting records with super hot chili peppers. Nine months before setting this monumental record, he set a record for the fastest consumption of three Carolina Reaper chili peppers in a mind-numbing 8.72 seconds.

He holds another record for the fastest time-consuming three Bhut Jolokia peppers, otherwise known as the Ghost Pepper, within 7.47 seconds. No wonder he’s the owner of a hot sauce company. As a business distributor of the spiciest sauces on the market, of course, he would have to sample the peppers to get an idea of what the consumer will experience when garnishing their various savory meat and vegetable dishes.

What is the Name of Gregory Foster’s Hot Sauce Company?

Gregory Foster owns Inferno Farms Hot Sauce Company. As a three-time chili pepper record-setter, this is great publicity as the owner of a hot sauce bottling business. He has worked professionally in various restaurants as a chef for two decades.

The company has seven unique kinds of hot sauce. They include Na’Cho Taco Sauce, Alliumnaughty, Volcanus, Where There’s Smoke, Green Monster, Tingleberry, and Pineapple XXXpress.


What chili pepper world record do you think Gregory Foster will set next? Let us know your speculations in the comments below!

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